In order to learn how to be a good UBER Partner in Malaysia, it is important to know and understand the whole system running behind it. Below are some of the things that will guide you to become a better driver.


Payments and Rewards

Fares are calculated based on 5 criteria; base fare, time, distance, surge price, and tolls if applicable. To learn more about the exact calculation, refer to UBER’S FAQ in the official website. It is also not mandatory for your rider to tip you because the fare will be automatically charged to your rider’s app. However, if your rider wishes to tip you, feel free accept it as a good gesture. It is also important to understand that UBER will take a small cut from your total fare, to cover their operating costs, continuous development of the app, marketing, and payment processing. In the event where your rider requested for stop for multiple times, it is perfectly fine to do so as the total fare will only be calculated at your rider’s final stop. Remember to only swipe complete trip after they have reached that destination. In addition, to earn more, you can also refer your family members, friends, and peers to sign up as UBER drivers.


5 Star Service

For UBER to create a comfortable, safe and fun experience for their drivers and riders, both parties are required to rate a trip. In addition, riders can also leave a comment. UBER will always encourage the riders to rate the trip to convey their overall experience for the trip, and 5 star rating is the highest rating that a rider can give to a driver. All new drivers will start with a perfect 5 star rating and this rating may be inconsistent until you have completed about 500 to 100 trips. From then on, it is solely up to you to maintain your 5 star rating. According to studies, UBER found that riders that rated 5 stars often tend to request for more rides and refer more people to try out UBER, which leads to more earning opportunities for UBER drivers like you.

Below are some of the things you can follow to improve your chances to get 5 star rating:

  • Keep your car clean and fresh by washing it, vacuuming it, and airing it regularly
  • Maintain your car well
  • Keep your car scent-free
  • Ask your rider for their preferred route to the destination
  • Communicate politely, respectfully and professionally
  • Dress well, you do not want to look like a slob
  • Open the door for your rider
  • Provide bottled drinking water, snacks, gums, mints, and mobile phone chargers in your car
  • Help your rider with their luggage and bags if it is safe to do so

Picking up Riders and Arriving at Destination

To have a better sense of where your rider is requesting the ride from, look at the location address and the rider’s icon on the map in UBER app. The icon will most likely reflect where the rider is located at. Typically, the rider will be notified in the UBER app when their ride is 1 minute away from their location. Contact your rider immediately if you failed to see him or her at the destination point to inform the rider that you are currently at the pick-up location. It is also important to always try to approach the pickup location from the same side of the street because it is not safe for riders to walk across the road and remember to not break any traffic laws. Always start the trip after the rider is safely seated in the car and you can cancel the trip immediately if the rider is not in your car. You can also choose to cancel the trip if the rider is still not in your car within a time period and that rider may be charged a cancellation fee that will be paid to you.

Before driving, UBER stated that it is a good practice to ask for the name of your rider to make sure that they are the correct person to pick-up, to confirm their destination, and to confirm their preferred route. Upon arriving at the destination, park as close to it, ask the rider if he or she would like to exit the car, and assist him or her with the luggage if possible. Many riders appreciate this kind gesture and it will lead to higher chances of getting a 5 star rating.


Other Tips to get a 5 Star Rating

Other tips to increase your chances to get a 5 star rating that are shared by other UBER 5 star drivers include:

  • Do not rely on your GPS all the time
  • Familiarize yourself with the city so you can suggest better routes to your rider
  • Do not cancel any trip request unless you have no choice after waiting for a long time for the rider
  • Zoom to the rider’s icon by tapping twice on the map to have a more accurate location
  • Do not drive recklessly and dangerously including speeding, running past red lights, not using signals when turning, accelerating too fast and breaking too sudden, and changing lanes continuously or zigzagging
  • End a trip after the rider reaches his or her final destination
  • Remind your rider to check if they have taken all the belongings before exiting the car
  • Remember to update often and always keep your UBER Driver Partner App up to date to enjoy the latest promotions and better improvements


How to Get More Riders

For most cities, the highest demand for ride requests typically happens during rush hours, evening hours, and weekends. To determine and compare which areas have the most demand, use your UBER Driver Partner App to see different colour hexagons displayed in different areas. You can also determine the areas that have low, high, and surge demands by referring to the UBER’s heat map. Most of the riders are mainly found at these locations.