Kelantan, a state located in the Peninsular of Malaysia is hot and humid all year round with average temperature of 27°C and rainfalls totaling to 2500 mm per year. However, do expect some heavy rains during the monsoon season which begins in November and ends in February. The majority of population in Kelantan is Malay, thus the state is given a name “The Cradle of Malay Culture”. Therefore, the traditional Malay culture is kept alive making it a very famous cultural state.

When you visit Kelantan, here are the number of things that you can do. With such a hot weather, beach activity in Kelantan cannot be missed out. Sailing, swimming, snorkeling and so many other water sports can definitely keep you occupied. Even though the beaches in Kelantan are among the least developed in Malaysia, there a few that worth a visit. For examples are the Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach of Moonlight), Pantai Seri Tujuh (Beach of Seven Lagoons) and Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody). The Pantai Cahaya Bulan is famous for refreshing coconut water and local snacks as well as wau, the giant kite. On the other hand, Pantai Seri Tujuh is the home to the annual International Kite Festival. Lastly, Pantai Irama offers nice picnic spots and eating stalls. Moreover, it is claimed to be one of the most beautiful beaches along the East Coast. You may simply flop down to the sandy beaches and catch the sunshine.

Water Rafting

For those of you who are big fan of adventurous activities, take a try on the white water rafting. The Nenggiri River flows from the backcountry of Kelantan, which later joins the Kelantan River at Kuala Krai. Along the river, you may see some of the rich archaeological caves like Gua Cha, Gua Chawan and Gua Jaya. Depending on the rains during the time you participate in the water rafting, it can gives you either a thrilling experience or a gentle drift down the stream. In addition, there are quite a number of wildlife that you can see along the river banks.  

It is said that your trip to Kelantan is not complete if you did not visit the fishing villages. The fishing village located at Sabak Beach is known as one of the best fishing villages in Kelantan, about 14 km from Kota Bharu. What is so interesting about it? Watching the fishermen’ activities on and off the sea and how colorful their fishing boats are not something that you can see from the cities. Another thing that you can do is to enjoy a river cruise up to the Kelantan River into the rainforest. It is a good way to experience the wildlife along the way and the nature of the surroundings.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is another famous activity in Kelantan, as its rainforest is unique and consider the oldest in the country. It can be a very profound experience to arrange a trip to the national park whereby you can have guided jungle treks. If you want more than just jungle trekking, spelunking nature is an option for you. You may explore the significant limestone cave system with the available guided tour. Depending on your own preference, you can decide the level you wish to penetrate the cave. It will definitely be an eye opener to all.


Once you are in Kelantan, you can feel the strong traditional cultures. There are many wide range of traditional activities that you can see and enjoy. For example, you may visit the Gelanggang Seni, in which you can enjoy the regular performances that are held every week in the afternoons and evenings. It is located at Jalan Mahmood and do take note that it will be closed during the fasting month. The performances available involve around the Kelantanese traditional activities like kite-flying, playing gasing (top spinning), rebana drums, Malay art of self-defense without a weapon known as the silat and wayang kulit. Other than enjoying the performances at the Gelanggang Seni, you may also visit the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum. You will be able to see the variety of handicrafts such as songket, batik, silverware and wood carvings, which can be very good choices of souvenirs.


There are a few historical buildings that you should visit when you are in Kelantan. One of them is the Kuala Krai Museum and Mini Zoo, which you can enjoy with your family. This little zoo is the home to animals like bears, monkeys, deer and birds. Besides animals, the mini museum has a good collection of preserved animals and photographs documenting the history of the city. Another historical building is the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs, which was built in 1887 and it used to be a palace. However, it has now become a museum housing the history of Kelantan. Here, you may see photographs, artifacts and exhibits on Kelantan’s rich cultural heritage.


On top of all the things mentioned that you can do in Kelantan, shopping is of course should not be missed out. The recommended place to do your shopping in Kelantan would be at the Pasar Siti Khadijah which is located in Kota Bahru. Variety of goods are sold here but do not expect high end prod