Terrapuri Heritage Village is also known as the Land of Palaces. It is a conservation and restoration project to protect classic houses in Kuala Mangkok, Terengganu. It has more than 20 antique and traditional classic houses which are over hundred years old. In addition, it has 20 exclusive villas and a beach house.   

The location of Terrapuri Heritage Village is very unique, with the South China Sea on one side and the mangrove river, Setiu Wetlands on the other side. Most interestingly, the amazing and stunning view of some of the famous islands like Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, Lang Tengah, Pulau Bidong and Pulau Cepu can be seen from the Terrapuri Heritage Village.  

As mentioned, Terrapuri Heritage Village is a conservation and restoration project on antique and classic houses in Terengganu with three main objectives. The first main objective is of course, to rescue and restore the very old classic houses in the state. If this objective cannot be achieved, the houses will most probably be demolished or left to be ruined by time. The next objective is to preserve and understand the cultures and tales left behind by the ancestors. Consequently, it is to learn to value the older generations and to educate the younger generations. On top of that, it is important to gain more appreciation and spread the beauty of Malay architectural through the classic houses.     

What are the features of the Terengganu classic houses that make them so unique? Here, the houses, Rumah Bujang and Rumah Bujang Berserambi have similar design to those Thai and Cambodian houses. For example, it has raised platform on stilts, triangular shape roof and curved gable ends. The houses are built entirely with the Cengal wood, also known as Neobalanocarpus heimii from a tropical hardwood tree. The walls, doors, windows and gables consist of different wood panels. They are fitted together by using wooden joints held in place by wooden pegs. One of the most amazing feature of the houses is that nails are not being used, which means that the entire structure of the house can be dismantled and reassembled. The house can even be moved from one location to another different location.  

Terrapuri Heritage Village classic houses are in refurbished and reassigned luxurious residential villas, featuring traditional decoration that are equipped with air-conditioning, ceiling fan, hot and cold water shower, wooden bathtub, bathroom amenities, hair dryer, fridge, mosquito net, writing desk and coffee and tea making facilities. There are many types of houses available such as Rumah Kedai Buluh, Rumah Paloh, Rumah Belukar Titian, Rumah Dusun, Rumah Binjai Rendah, Rumah Gelugor Raja, Rumah Seberang Takir, Rumah Jeram, Rumah Nibong, Rumah Pulau Musang and Rumah Sungai Mas. All of these houses will definitely bring out all the nostalgic memories. Besides, one could experience living in traditional but yet modern houses.   

The village features many facilities such as swimming pool, meeting room, reading room and traditional spa. There is also a shop called the Serengas Shop, which offers handpicked selection of some of the finest antiques, artifacts, books and crafts. For tourists who which to explore the surroundings, there is a tour desk located in the village. There are many famous tour packages available, visiting places like the Fireflies Sanctuary, Kuala Terengganu city, Lata Tembakah and LA Hotspring, Sekayu Waterfall and Terrapin Conservation Centre, the floating art of Langkasuka, Kota Bharu cultural town, Kenyir Lake, Pulau Redang and Bidong Island, which is also known as Little Saigon.

There are promotional rates offered by Terrapuri Heritage Village, do check out for more information from the website and its Facebook page. This place is definitely worth for a stay and the experience can be invaluable.