Tanjung Jara Resort is located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in Terengganu. It is a luxury resort with the feel of olden Malay traditions and equipped with 99 rooms for the precious guests. It is said that the resort has a unique concept based on certain Malay philosophy called the Sucimurni that emphasize on health, well-being and spirit purity. Thus, rejuvenation of both the body and spirit is highly recommended during your stay in the resort.


It is very easy to get to Tanjung Jara Resort as it is accessible by road from the major cities within Peninsular Malaysia. For those who are flying to the Kuala Terengganu airport, the resort is just about an hour’s drive away. Once you reached the resort, the first thing that you would like to do is definitely to check out the room for your stay. Among the 99 rooms and suite, the rooms offered are the bumbung room, bumbung sea view room, serambi room, serambi sea view room, anjung room and anjung seafront room.   


The facilities in the resort are upgraded from time to time. It has beautiful gardens with tropical seaside atmosphere for strolling, being one of the favourite leisure activity of visitors. For sport lovers, take note that there is a tennis court that may keep you busy for few hours. There are also a few pools, with one overlooking the sand and sea. Also, there is an adult pool with about three meters in depth used for dive courses. Indoor gym with glass-walled is suitable to exercise in the comfort of air-conditioned environment. In addition, badminton and volleyball courts are available, further to keep you even busier. If you plan to laze around, there are hammocks, day beds and lounges all over the resort.


There are some signature experiences that you can get in Tanjung Jara Resort. For example, you may experience dining on the rocks. It is set up on the rocks by the crescent-shaped beach and you are served to enjoy your five course set dinner overlooking the water of the South China Sea. The sound of the natural sea breeze and cozy environment will definitely put you in a romantic feel. Another signature experience provided by the resort is the authentic Malay home cooking food. You may have the chance to gain some ideas with a trip to the market to see the seafood variations available, spices and herbs. The trip will be guided by a local culinary master, in which you can ask questions and learn from them. Back to the resort, the fresh items will be produced into delicious cuisine. As mentioned earlier, the resort has a unique concept based on the Sucimurni philosophy. Thus, every Saturday at the resort’s seafront gardens, local delicacies will be served to guests and a chance for guests to discover the tradition of the Sucimurni lifestyles.

For those who wish to explore further out from the resort, a few recommended activities include diving at Tenggol Island, enjoying an eco-river cruise at the Marang River, jungle trekking to the Chemerung Waterfall and enjoy a bicycle tour.