Sri Malaysia Marang is a hotel located at Kampung Paya, Marang, Kuala Terengganu. This hotel is built on a hill top allowing guests to have an overview of the South China Sea. It is in quite close proximity to some famous destination like Rantau Abang and Bidong Island, about 43 km away, and only require about 10 minutes’ walk away from the hotel to the city center.  


The hotel is equipped with 50 rooms namely the single rooms, double rooms, family rooms and suite. The rooms are clean and definitely worth the price that you pay. You can make use of climate control and the ironing facilities as well as the Wi-Fi available in all rooms. In addition, some rooms come with a great view of the South China Sea.

As for food and beverage, there is a cafe in the hotel called Café Lubuk Mandi serving the house specialties like ketupat sotong and sotong celup tepung. It is highly recommended for you to try. On the other hand, Juragan Corner and Banquet Hall cater for private functions. There are many restaurants near to the hotel. Rhu Muda Chicken Chop Corner, about 3km away from the hotel, is a Western restaurant in a Malay fishing village. Not only serving Western food, it also serves Thai and local food. Rusila Lempeng Restaurant serving nice local food is just about 4km away from the hotel. This restaurant is located at the Rusila Beach, thus, you can feel the soft breeze of wind while enjoying your food. For keropok lekor lovers, do not miss a chance to grab a bite of keropok at the Keropok Lekor 008. It is about 2.5km away from the hotel and its keropok lekor is known to have the best taste. That is why there is always a long queue.


If you are interested to participate in certain activities or visit some places of interest, Sri Malaysia Marang can definitely help you. The staffs are friendly and easily approached. Some of the places or activities that you should not miss is the river cruise at Sungai Marang, which offers you an experience and glimpse of the lifestyles of the locals along the bank. Pulau Kapas is a must visit as its white sandy beaches with shady palm trees is one of the cleanest in Malaysia. Moreover, its aquamarine water makes it an ideal place for snorkeling, diving and kayaking. To have a closer look at the local cultures, you may pay a visit to the floating mosque called The Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah, which is located just about 4.5km away. Also, you can visit the Batik & Songket factories to see how these cloths are being made.

In terms of the location and activities available from the hotel, many reviews are quite positive. The direction for you to get to the hotel by car can never be difficult with the use of apps on the smartphone. Moreover, it is easy for you to spot the hotel as it is located on hill top. Check in and check out procedure is very smooth. Some reviewers mentioned that the hotel is worth the price paid while some commented that the hotel can be better if it is upgraded or refurbished. As briefly described above, you can easily find food inside or outside of the hotel. Food is not an issue to be worried. If you plan for a holiday, you may consider Sri Malaysia Marang.