Getting there

Malaysia is the home to so many beautiful and exotic islands. Pulau Redang is known to be one of the best islands in the country. This beautiful island is located in the South China Sea on the east of Peninsular Malaysia in Kuala Terengganu. There are many smaller islands surrounding the main Pulau Redang, which are tourists’ destination as well. Therefore, the island can be quite crowded especially during school holidays.  


If you are planning for a holiday trip to Pulau Redang, there are a number of activities that you can do in the beautiful island. One of the famous activities is snorkeling. The island has crystal clear water perfect for snorkeling, which is why it is loved by visitors. In addition to the good water condition, it has healthy and beautiful coral reefs. However, it has now becomes a protected area due to dying corals thanks to some irresponsible tourists. The price for snorkeling trip can be as less as around RM100 which includes the basic gear. You may most probably be charged extra if you require extra equipment. Boat and ferry services are available to take tourists to further corners of the island to see more of the marine life.  

Snorkeling and Diving


Snorkeling is definitely not challenging enough for divers. Pulau Redang also offers scuba diving, with a number of recommended sites like Tanjung Tokong and Tanjung Lang. One time diving only costs you the price of a snorkeling trip. However, those additional gears will be charged according to different needs. For photography lovers, do take note that the island has many shops which rent out cameras for underwater photography. Therefore, do not miss the chance to capture every moment during your diving trip.  

Other Activities

Turtle watching is also another famous and common activity to do in Pulau Redang. The reason is because the Pasir Chagar Hutang is the main spot where the turtles come for mating and laying eggs. There is a research center located on the island, in which visitors can volunteer to offer any help. Besides turtles, there are many different animals and plants found on the island. Trekkers can definitely explore the island and see these with own’ eyes. You can simply do a simple trek to catch a glimpse of these nature wonders. As an advanced piece of information, Pasir Panjang trekking and the village road are known to be the easiest for you to accomplish the mission to see the varieties of animals and plants. If your trekking route is further, you can get a better view of the plants along the way.

For those who prefer relaxing activities, Pulau Redang provides you with the best experience in sunset and sunrise watching. In order for you to catch the best sunrise view, you need to be up as early as 4am. Your effort to get up early in the morning will definitely not be wasted as the sunrise scene will blow your mind away. Even more relaxing, you can treat yourself a spa at the beach resorts. A wide range of massages are provided for you to select according to your preference. There are also packages available for you to choose. The prices are known to be affordable making it a recommended activity in Pulau Redang.  

For a beach holiday, Pulau Redang is definitely one of the most recommended destination with its white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea and the number of things available for you to do.