Pulau Duyung literary translates to “Mermaid Island”  is an idyllic island village located at the end of Terengganu river. This island was once inhabited by a famous Islamic Scholar Tok Syeikh Duyung from 1802 to 1889. The island was also known as “Tongue of Terengganu” due to it’s geographical location.

There were once 2 islands Pulau Duyung Kecil and Pulau Duyung Besar but it is now connected into one Pulau Duyong as part of land reclamation process. This spot is one place that is virtually untouched by it’s surrounding development and modernity in the city of Kuala Terengganu. Pulau Duyung retains much of it’s past where many Malay villages are located. These Malays still retains the lifestyle of their forefathers making boats and fishing off the coast. They live in their traditionally crafted wooden houses with traditional Malay kampung scenes where roosters and cat roams freely. Kids will be off playing water in the river on the late noon followed by Azan prayers on the evening.


Places of Interest


Pulau Duyung is also host to some of the most scenic locations in Kuala Terengganu. Attractions such as Masjid Krystal can clearly by seen from this side of the island.

Boat Building

Pakcik Haji Abdullah runs a custom boat building company. You will be able to witness how Malay fishermen boats are built from scratch.

Pulau Duyong old fort

Reminiscence of and old Malay castle. This fort was constructed purely using timber with cement and brick foundation. This place has stood the test of history since 1919. This fort was originally built as an Islamic cultural center. It was once destroyed by a great flood on 1986 and was rebuilt.


Pulau Duyung is the host of prestigious international event such as Monsoon Cup.

Getting there

Pulau Duyung can be accessed with transportation such as Ferry and Boats. Fortunately, Pulau Duyung is now very accessible with constructions of bridges specifically Sultan Mahmud Bridge.


Fortunately there is a hotel operating on this island. Duyong Marina and Resort is the best hotel for you to experience Pulau Duyong.