As a Malaysian crowd sourced based express delivery service in Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley area, MatDespatch provides door-to-door delivery and pickup services within the same day or even several hours depending on the package you choose. It is MatDespatch’s mission let all of their customers experience a new way of shipping.

Unlike other traditional courier companies in Malaysia, MatDespatch aims to become the ideal crowd source based express service for customers to choose from in Malaysia by providing one of the fast courier and delivery services in the Klang Valley area.

Traffic jams in the Klang Valley area are really bad at times. Therefore, by using the MatDespatch service, all of their customers do not have to brave through long queues, getting stuck in heavy traffic jams, and can avoid long waiting times because MatDespatch will do everything for you from A to Z and they include delivering and picking up your orders. So, MatDespatch customers are able to save some valuable time, run lesser errands and worry lesser. MatDespatch will pick up the order from your door and deliver the parcel.

As stated on MatDespatch’s official website, MatDespatch does not only handle individual customers’ deliveries and pickups. They also help online and retail shops to pick up and deliver customer orders.

To make sure that they can fulfil what they promised as in picking up and delivering your order on time, MatDespatch despatches are friendly, well-trained and familiar with the Klang Valley area.

MatDespatch Mobile App is also an innovative thing by the company. In contrast to other traditional courier companies, MatDespatch is able to leverage well by combining delivery service with an amazing technology. With the MatDespatch mobile app, customers can now use a newer, better and easier way to request for pickups or deliveries just by using their mobile phones.


MatDespatch Mission

Other than providing a new level of shipping experience for their customers in the Klang Valley and leveraging on the MatDespatch mobile app, MatDespatch wants their existing customers and potential customers including individual customers and business customers to see them as a friendly, reliable, and most importantly, a courier that they can trust to manage their pickups and delivers their orders. The company is very focused on making sure that each and every pickup and delivery gets done within the same day the customer requests it. To do so, MatDespatch partners with few hundred despatchers or heroes. MatDespatch heroes are given proper training before they can start work because MatDespatch wants to make sure that they continue to provide a friendly and fast service. It is also to ensure that your item gets delivered in a great condition. MatDespatch’s overall mission is to put a smile on every of their customers’ face.


Plans and Pricing

MatDespatch offers the following plans:

  • Same day delivery
  • 3 hours express delivery
  • Super express delivery
  • Tasks
  • Errands
  • Help
  • Bulky Packages


To calculate an estimated delivery price for an item, MatDespatch also included an online calculator on their official website. Customers can then type in the sender’s postcode, receiver’s postcode, the chosen type of plan, item size, task, and options. After that, the online calculator will give them an estimated pricing.

Similar to the online calculator, customers can also calculate their parcel’s item size by typing in the length in cm, width in cm, height in cm, and weight in kg in the size calculator included on in MatDespatch’s official website.

Generally, an estimated price for an average size item for the same day pickup and delivery service is RM9 as reported by The Borneo Post.


Partnership With InPost Malaysia

Last year, as reported by The Borneo Post, MatDespatch also signed a partnership agreement with InPost Malaysia to assist merchants and online shops solving the usual logistics and delivery problems during festive seasons and peak periods. While most of the traditional companies are not operating during these peak seasons, MatDespath and InPost Malaysia will continue to work 24/7 to make sure that there are no backlogs. InPost is a global provider and operator that manage the world’s largest international network of automated parcel lockers. You can see some of these InPost lockers at selected Petronas stations, TAR University Kuala Lumpur, and in some of the Tesco hypermarkets. By having this vital partnership, MatDespatch can guarantee that they will pick up the parcel items in time from their customer’s drop step and deliver the parcel to their chosen located or selected InPost locker within the first 12 hours.


Get Started With MatDespatch

Follow the simple instructions below to get started on using the MatDespatch service.

Step 1 – Click the pink colour sign up button to sign up for a free account

Step 2 – Login to your account

Step 3 – Edit your profile with accurate information and earn RM15 credits for free

Step 4 – Click purchase credit and choose your desired credit amount from RM20 to RM10000 to buy and use either your credit card or online bank transfer to pay for it

Step 5 – Click the book now and type down the sender’s info, receiver’s info, and delivery info

Step 6 – Click confirm order button after you receive the quote


Work With MatDespatch

If you are looking to turn your car, bike, van, lorry into an asset or a something that makes money for you, you can consider to sign up as a MatDespatch hero. The company is still looking for more despatches or heroes. To sign up, just fill in your full name, IC number, email, mobile number, postcode, interested position, your vehicle type, and the optional referral code.


Reasons To Become A MatDespatch Hero

Some of the best reasons to become a MatDespatch hero are:

  • Have the opportunity to make good money and get paid by MatDespatch for every pickup and delivery you make
  • Get paid on a weekly basis by MatDespatch on your efforts when they transfer your money on every Friday
  • With the MatDespatch app, you can manage your orders and tasks effectively
  • Able to work from anywhere you want because MatDespatch has no office for their heroes but just make sure you are within the Klang Valley area