Keropok lekor is nothing new to all Malaysians, which is one of the most famous snack for everyone regardless of age. This snack can be simply be described as the fish sausage. It is a specialty from Terengganu located at the east coast of Malaysia.   

How is keropok lekor being made? The process is pretty simple as the ingredients and method involved are pretty simple too. The ingredients to make keropok lekor include fish, either the ikan parang or ikan kembong, sago flour, salt, water and pandan leaves. For keropok lekor makers, they will have basic machines at home that will do the mixing processing of all the ingredients. The mixtures are then thrown into boiling pan after they are cut into smaller pieces to be deep-fried until they turn crispy gold. Another way of making keropok lekor is by steaming, which also gives a crispy texture according to some people. Keropok lekor goes well with their own chili sauce or home-made chili sauce. It is best to get the snack right after it is out from the frying pan while it is still hot. The crispy on the outside and tender on the inside of the keropok lekor will makes you crave for it for more. If you plan to visit Terengganu, do not miss out the chance to try the original keropok lekor, one of the ultimate elements of the traditional culture.

Keropok Lekor Mengabang

There are a few number of famous stalls in Terengganu that sell good keropok lekor. One of them is the Kedai Keropok Mengabang Tapah, which is large and spacious. It is so convenient for customers to buy and wait for orders, located at Kampung Pantai Merang Setiu. If you visit here, you definitely have to queue because customers are not dashed. You can choose to buy boiled or fried fish crackers because both are available here. Another recommended stall is the Keropok Sukaramai, which means the crackers are loved by many and it is located at Kampung Mengabang Lekar Batu Rakit. In addition to offering authentic hearty fish crackers, Keropok Sukaramai also has good standard of cleanliness level.

Koropok Losong Kak Yah

Keropok Losong Kak Yah offers a large and comfortable place in which you can sit down to dine there. The keropok lekor offered here are extremely tasty and must not to be missed when you are nearby Kampung Losong Haji Su. Another store popular with keropok lekor in Terengganu is the Keropok Lekor Kelulut 008, located at Marang Kampung Baru Ru Muda. Its keropok lekor is filled with a sense of native fish unlike many other stores that favored the use of excessive flour over the fish.  Keropok Lekor BTB 2209, also known as Keropok Lekor Bukit Tok Beng since it is located at Kampung Bukit Tok Beng, is also very well known for its keropok lekor in Terengganu. Some even travel long hours just to get the crackers. Do you know that Keropok Lekor BTB has been made available online? Yes, do check it out. You can make orders online and they can send it directly to your doorstep.

Keropok Lekor Warisan Losong 14 & Keropok Losong Adik Beradik

The last two recommended places for keropok lekor are the Warisan Losong 14 and Keropok Losong Adik Beradik. Both are located at Kampung Losong Haji Su. Warisan Losong 14 is among the leading producers of the crackers in Terengganu, offering completely original crackers. Customers will certainly not be disappointed. Like other stores, the keropok lekor process can be viewed with your own eyes here. On the other hand, Keropok Losong Adik Beradik is relatively small and have limited space. There are no typical place for customers to sit and eat, what are being provided are a few pieces of benches for customers to sit while waiting for their turn. However, you still can see the process of making the crackers as it is made to public viewing