Iskandar Malaysia is previously known as the Iskandar Development Region and South Johor Economic region. As the names suggest, it is the main development area in southern of Malaysia, Johor. To emphasize, it is a strategic economic region for the country.



One of the focus of Iskandar Malaysia is tourism, in which there will be theme parks and family entertainment centres. The most famous theme park, Legoland is the first in Asia and its part of the Iskandar Malaysia. In addition to Legoland, a few others Lego-themed attractions have been introduced such as the Legoland Water Park and the Legoland Hotel. The Legoland theme park itself target to have one million visitors annually.

Besides theme parks, one of the attractive selling point of Iskandar Malaysia in tourism is the history, heritage, culture and arts. The government in Johor has taken the approach to focus, develop and promote on the fruitful history and heritage of Johor. Some of the physical attractions targeted at this area include historical royal buildings, museums, art galleries and centres, historical culture and art malls; and historical streets or pathways.

Eco Tourism

Eco-tourism and homestay is another attraction from the Iskandar Malaysia. Example of eco-tourism are forest reserves, national parks and wetlands. One of the well promoted wetland is Pulau Kukup, which is the largest mangrove island. It is the habitat of various extraordinary flora and fauna. To cater visitors and tourist all around the world, it is equipped with modern facilities. On the other hand, national parks like the Tanjung Piai National Park allow visitors to enjoy many exciting activities such as camping, boat riding, hiking, bird watching or simply embracing the nature. As for the homestays in Iskandar Malaysia, the concept is starting to get positive response and its popularity is increasing among international tourists who wish to experience the lifestyles like the locals. There are also homestay programmes in which those registered will get an experience to stay in local villages, eat local food and delicacies, participate in the locals’ daily activities and learn about the local tradition.  



Iskandar Malaysia also offers shopping and food attractions, which are very well known especially to tourists for country neighbor, Singapore. One of the hotspot for shopping is none other than the Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). This outlet is located in Kulai and is said to be an affordable shopping destination comprising designer brands, luxury brands and discounted outlets. As for the food heaven, Kukup Village is known to be famous for its fresh and various selection of seafood. Local food can be found all over the place, which turn out to be an activity for tourists to hunt for food.

For those who prefer outdoor sports like golf, Iskandar Malaysia has very well established golf courses, which are resort-based. 36-holes facilities are available too. Many visitors from Singapore, Japan, Korea and China are said to be the fans of the golf course resort in Iskandar Malaysia. Other than golf, the resorts also offer some adventurous activities like paintball, fast-biking and motorsports.

Iskandar Malaysia is definitely improving and developing for the better from time to time. With its diverse landscape, the region looks very promising to boost up in terms of economy.