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Due to the rise in living costs, many Malaysians are turning to ride-sharing services such as Uber and Grab as a part-time income to make extra money. In today’s article, we will talk about how to be a GrabCar driver in Malaysia. Please read on to find out more.


Below is a list of requirements needed to be a GrabCar driver:

  • Nationality: Malaysian citizen only
  • Age: Any Age as long as you hold a valid full driving license 
  • Drivers who are 50 years old and above are required to take a medical checkup (Standard Grab template)
  • Cars that are manufactured 2009 and later 
  • No enormous  JPJ summons
  • No enormous PDRM summons
  • No criminal record
  • No bad driving record
  • An Android-based or iOS smartphone with Grab Driver app installed
  • Must be able to communicate in both English and BM
  • Must have a proper driving license and P license is not allowed

How to Sign Up as a GrabCar driver?

After you met the requirements listed above, you can sign up to be a GrabCar driver by just performing two simple steps listed below:

We can help you sign up as a Grab driver in Klang Valley

After your GrabCar driver status has been activated, you are required to watch several training videos that are specially made for new GrabCar drivers. It is important that you watch these training videos as they will equip with knowledge on the app, how to use the app, what to do you after you received a booking and how to deal with fare transactions.


Grab driver tutorial


Below is a list of incentives for a GrabCar driver:

  • Instant Cash: Making money for every trip you made
  • Weekly Incentives: You will enjoy additional incentives if you hit the targets
  • Flexible Hours: Work at your own time and the more you drive, the more you earn
  • Multi-tiered Referral Bonus: You will be able to make extra money if you refer your friends to this GrabCar driver’s program and your friend is required to complete 20 trips within the first month
  • Grab Rewards: Additional rewards for drivers such as servicing your car at discounted rates, cashback schemes, fuel subsidy and many more other rewards
  • Earn up to RM5,000 per month as claimed by GrabCar on the GrabCar Driver Signup page

Terms for Grab driver


A Grab driver


A passenger riding your car


Ping is the term for Job request from Riders. These will start to pop up when you slide “available for jobs”

CS (Customer Service)

Always store the number of CS as this is the point of contact if you hit any difficulties in your ride.


Ratings are essentially for any Grab driver. There are 3 ratings for a Grab driver. These are AR (Acceptance ratings)  , CR ( Cancellation Ratings) and DR (Driver ratings) . These ratings are very important as incentives or even permanent termination from Grab driving are based on it.



AR is refreshed weekly. This is calculated by number of Ping accepted and ignored. If you have 4 pings and ignore 1 request. Your AR will be 75%. Always maintain your AR above 30% at the end of the week


DR is refreshed weekly. This rate will increase when you start to cancel a request.  Calculation would also be the same as AR except it will take effect after you have cancelled an accepted ride. Always maintain your CR below 10% at the end of the week. eg ( you can only cancel 1 trip out of 10 accepted trips) . Having high CR will get your driver account terminated. Try to avoid cancellation as driver.  As a rule of thumb,  please call the CS ( Customer service)  to remark your case if you have issues and need to cancel an accepted ride.  eg. (Ride not showing , Fake booking , Safety issues etc).


Driver Ratings are rating given by a rider when you completed a drive. DR is calculated by 1 to 5 stars.  The number of stars represent how satisfied the rider is with your ride. Always aim for 5 stars as other stars are completely useless.  Having your account below 4.4 stars will get your permanently banned from driving. You will also need to achieve high DR to be able to enjoy incentives from Grab.


Bookings and Cancelations

Whenever your GrabCar app is online, you are ready to accept customers. You are also required to respond within 15 seconds whenever the GrabCar system assigns a job to you or else you will be automatically logged out from the GrabCar app. As soon you have accepted the job, it is advisable for you to call the customer to let him or her know that you are on the way and to get more detailed information on the specific pick-up location.

In the event that you are unable to accept the job, do not ignore the job or cancel it because this will lead to the drop in your acceptance rate which in turn will result in the loss of your incentives. The proper etiquette to solve this is to call the customer and politely explain your reasons to him or her and kindly ask the customer to cancel the trip request. By doing this, your acceptance rate won’t be affected.


As a GrabCar driver, you will come across people from all walks of life including passengers with bad behaviour. It is quite common to experience problems like customers not showing up at the pickup location, customers late for more than 20 minutes after requesting for a trip request, customers that refused to pay and so if you experience any of these situations, you can always call 1300 80 5858 to inform them about the problems that you faced.


Safety and Fraudulence

Due to safety reasons, it is always important to check if a booking is genuine or a fraud and you can do so by pulling down the notification panel and look at the last 3 or 4 digits of the booking ID that indicates how many bookings has the customer made with GrabCar. If a customer has less than 10 bookings, it is suggested for you to call the customer and speak to them in English first in order to detect if the customer’s response is in broken English or foreign accent. In the case where you suspect the booking to be a fraud, kindly call 1300 80 5858 to cancel the trip request and to report the suspicious customer.


Payments and Incentives

Your driver’s payments are directly deposited into your bank account starting from 12 AM on Monday up to 11.59 PM on Sunday. You will also earn another RM100 if you have referrals that made 10 trips within the first month of joining as a GrabCar driver. GrabCar also claims that you can earn a minimum gross monthly income of RM1792 just by driving 2 hours a day or 14 hours a week. However, this figure does not include a small Grab commission and the amount that you spend on your petrol so you can potentially earn even more if you are driving a hybrid car.


Additional Information

In order to ensure that their service is safe, reliable and fast, GrabCar has implemented a GrabCar Peer and Driver Conduct Penalty System. As a GrabCar driver, it is important for you to thoroughly read through and understand this penalty system to avoid getting yourself suspended or banned from driving for GrabCar.

Additionally, SPAD, Land Public Transport Commission also requires all drivers under e-hailing services such as Uber and Grab to register for a Driver’s card. This card will be issued by SPAD and it has to be renewed on a yearly basis as reported in Malay Mail.