Dungun is typically a small town in the state of Terengganu on the east of Peninsular Malaysia. It is located in between Kuala Terengganu in the north and Kuantan in the south. The name is actually came from a type of tree called the dungun tree, a looking-glass tree. The trees grow widely in mangrove swamps and thus, the place was named after the tree.


Rantau Abang

One of the key tourist attractions in Dungun is Rantau Abang. It has its own define beauty that attracts the attention of many visitors. So, you may wonder what the beauty of this place is. It is the location where the giant leatherback turtles stop by to lay eggs. This draws the attention of many tourists to catch the beauty of Mother Nature. For those who wish to see the giant leatherback turtles, take note that the laying season starts from the month of May to August each year. During this season especially the peak months, June and July, Rantau Abang will be crowded by tourists from all over the world. Sadly said, the number of turtles stopping by at Rantau Abang to lay eggs are reducing from year to year due to pollution of the beach and environment. Another reason is the harassments from some irresponsible tourists who interrupt the peace of the poor creatures.     


Tanjung Jara

Another key attraction in Dungun is Tanjung Jara. It is a true resort getaway for beach resort lovers, located among the coastal green nature. Also, it is packaged as a retreat which offers tremendous cultural experience with so many things to do. It is said that this resort is a favorite among many local Malaysians, Singaporeans and the British. If you intend to plan a trip to Tanjung Jara resort, make sure your dates do not clash with the local public holidays. However, many feedbacks received from visitors that the place provide very spacious accommodation and uninterrupted facilities and pools. Some of the activities that you can enjoy include cycling into the fishing village nearby and have a look at the tradition of the place, in which fishing remained as the village’s main income and activity. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery and witness the lifestyle of the locals. You may also stop by to enjoy a cup of local drink called teh tarik and also grab a bite of the local famous food, roti canai. In Tanjung Jara resort, you can relax yourself with a spa and for those fitness buddy, you may enjoy the very well-equipped gym.


Pulau Tenggol

Tenggol Island is another recommended attraction in Dungun, which is attractive for its diving sites. Quite a number of very attractive dive sites like Tokong Laut, Tokong Burung, Batu Chanang and Coral Garden, can only be accessible by experienced divers because those areas are affected by strong currents. Thus, it is not advisable for beginners to explore these areas. In between the month of August to October each year, white sharks can be seen at certain dive sites. One of the reminder that visitors need to take note is that there is no ATMs available on the island. Therefore, it is better to carry some extra cash even though some resorts accept credit cards.      

Being a small town in Terengganu, this place definitely has more to offer. Unlike the old days, this small town is definitely booming in term of tourism as it is the home of a number of attractions in Malaysia.