ClixSense is one of the most trusted PTC, Paid to Click website, in the world and since its inception in 2007, it has grown to more than 5.5 million members globally. Paid to Click is a business model where a company acts as a middle person between the advertisers and the consumers while part of the advertising fees paid by the advertisers will go to the viewers, members that signed up to make money. This is often said to be one of the best ways to make money online without putting out any capital.


Why ClixSense?

ClixSense does not charge you any registration fees and you can start making money immediately as a member and that income will be directly paid to you. Besides making money from viewing advertisements, you can also make extra money from performing other activities such as completing surveys, offers, task and playing ClixGrid, a game of chance where you can win up to $10 each day.


Sign Up

Go to ClixSense official website and fill up the form and click on the Signup Now button. Next, go to your profile settings and update on your payment method and details. ClixSense supports PayPal, Paytoo, Neteller, Payza and bank cheque as their cash out options and payments will be disbursed out on every Wednesday.


Viewing Ads

Click on any of the advertisements that are displayed on ClixSense website and wait for the countdown to end before clicking on the next advertisement. If you manage to do this correctly, you will then see a message displaying You’ve just been credited $0.001 for example.


Surveys, Offers and Tasks

It is said that the biggest opportunity to make money from ClixSense is through surveys, offers and tasks. Look for the large Surveys button in green colour located at the top right of the website and complete your Survey Profile before proceeding because your profile will help ClixSense to give you more relevant surveys. Complete as many surveys and offers that are available to you and if you do not see any of them, do not feel discouraged as ClixSense will always update their website with new surveys and offers so remember to check back often.

A task is simply a set of instructions that you need to follow in order to get paid. Some examples of tasks include categorizing images and videos, searching something on Google and so on. In order to complete a task, you need to log in to your Facebook account by clicking on the blue colour Sign In With Facebook button in the CrowdFlower page. Most of the tasks can be completed multiple times to unlimited times enabling you to make more money. However, certain tasks will evaluate your performance first by requesting you to train for it before you are allowed to complete them. Whenever you get a wrong answer in your training, pay a close attention to the instructions or hints because they will determine if you are successful in completing the task. Your accuracy and credits will be shown in the top panel of the task and it is strongly advised to get used to the page before you attempt any of the available tasks.

Certain tasks may be difficult and many people may often fall under the accuracy requirements of that particular task until to the extent that they are no longer allowed to work on it. If this situation happens to you, do not feel down and discouraged because you are still welcome to attempt and complete other available tasks listed on the page. You can also file a support ticket if you have any questions and issues about a particular task. The file a ticket option can be found under the Help drop-down button. In addition, a Help Center is also available to you in case if you have any other questions to be answered.



In order to keep up to date with the new advertisements, surveys and offers, you are advised to install ClixAddon in your internet browser if you are using either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. ClixAddon refreshes the information every 15 seconds hence you do not need to keep refreshing your ClixSense website and it is said that members that used ClixAddon are likely to get more PTC advertisements and access the surveys, offers and tasks earlier than most members.


Cash Out Options and Conditions

All cash out funds will be in USD and the minimum balance for Premium members is $6 and $8 for Standard members. Additional fees will also be applied for certain payment methods and you are advised to look at the Cash Out table for more details.



The affiliate program by ClixSense has the potential to give you unlimited income and it is said to offer one of the highest profitable affiliate programs available online. You do not only earn by referring other people but you also earn whenever the referrals click on the PTC advertisements, purchase advertising from ClixSense, complete surveys, offers and tasks and whenever your referrals or their referrals upgrade to a Premium member and these earnings are paid through 8 levels. With a system like this, you can get unlimited earnings and it is wise to upgrade to a Premium member if you have not because Premium members are paid significantly higher than Standard members. Finally, get your referral link by clicking on the chain symbol button on the left of your username and advertise your referral link in other PTC websites or ad networks such LinkBucks and where some members have reported to enjoy great success with.